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5 Ideas for Picking the Perfect Stadium Seat

Going to a game should be about more than just what happens on the field— it’s also about the experience. Part of that experience is finding the perfect place to sit so you can take in all the action without missing a beat. Here are five ideas to keep in mind as you shop for stadium chairs.

Go for comfort first and foremost.

You’re going to be sitting in these stadium seats for several hours, so make sure they’re comfortable! Look for seats with plenty of padding and support for your back and legs. You might even want to consider bringing along a small pillow or cushion to make sure you’re really comfortable.

Make sure you can see the scoreboard.

There’s nothing worse than trying to follow the game only to realize you can’t actually see the score. When you’re looking at Stadium seats, find ones that give you a clear view of the scoreboard so you can keep track of what’s going on.

Stadium chairs

Consider the sun.

If you’re going to be sitting in direct sunlight, you’ll want to make sure you have enough shade so you don’t get too hot. Look for seats that are in the shade or bring along a hat or umbrella to create your own shade.

Avoid the aisle if you can help it.

It might seem like being able to get up and move around would be a good thing, but it’s actually pretty disruptive when people are constantly getting in and out of their Stadium chairs during the game. Try to find Stadium seats that are not right on the aisle so you won’t have people walking by constantly.

Think about splurging on better seats if it’s a special occasion.

 If you’re going to a game with family or friends to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, why not treat yourselves to some really great Stadium Furniture seats? You’ll never forget the experience!


No matter what kind of Stadium seat you end up choosing, remember that the most important thing is that you’re there to enjoy the game with family and friends!

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